The New Generation of a Swimwear

What is a UV swimwear?

While you are out on the beach or enjoying a pleasant swim in the pool, an UV protection swimwear will keep you protected against sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer. UV protection swimming suits from Belena Wear are UPF 50+ tested and approved, which means they block 98% of the sun’s hazardous ultraviolet (both UVA and UVB) radiations.

Belena Wear’s UV protective swimwear are water resistant and breathable. If your skin gets overexposed to the sun rays, there is a high chance of getting skin damage and skin issues caused by the harmful UV radiation from the sun - and it may lead to deadly diseases like skin cancer. Wearing UV resistant swimwear is the most effective way to take effective precaution against the UV rays without compromising with your outdoor lifestyle.

What makes UV swimsuits sun safe?

Not all of your clothing will provide you the required sun protection. When outdoors in the sun or in the waters, you need a typical clothing that will effectively shield you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. That’s where UV blocking clothes come into the picture.

Belena Wear provides UV protection swimwear for adults that absorbs the sun’s UV rays and prevents 98% of the radiation to penetrate. Sun safety is further guaranteed through the UPF 50+ labels, which indicate that the clothing is made of material that is tried, tested, proven and approved to be offering sun protection at the maximum level. You can look for our seal of Melanoma International Foundation certification whenever you shop from us.

March 11, 2021 — Omri Ohayon