Three SPF Facts You Didn't Know

What are the advantages of wearing UV protection beach wear?

One of the primary benefits of UV ray protective clothing is that unlike sunscreen, it does not wash away whenever it comes in contact with water. Wearing a UV protective swimwear significantly reduces the uncertainty involved in giving your body the adequate coverage and protection against the sun, which is not usually the case with sunscreens.

Studies show that around 85% of the various types of skin cancer can be easily prevented by limiting the exposure of the skin to the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. Belena Wear provides a variety of fashionable and highest quality UV swimwear that are easy to wear, stylish, manageable, highly breathable and lightweight. In addition to the overall advantages, UV clothing will also help you permanently get rid of the irritation and rashes caused by the sand and surf when you are swimming, snorkeling or surfing in the sea.

UV protective clothing dries off extremely quickly. It has insulating and comforting properties, which makes it even more convenient and attractive to those looking for safety against the sun.

 So, If you are a surfer, an active beachgoer or a water baby, even on cloudy days, don’t risk skin damage from the UV rays. And the best way to do that is by covering your skin with UV protective clothing. Along with the UV swimwear, put on the right kind of sunscreen to the exposed areas of your body, and it solves almost all your sun related problems!

March 11, 2021 — Omri Ohayon