How It All Started

In April 2015, the whole family gathered together in Miami Beach, Florida, for a Jewish holiday after a long time of not seeing each other. We got home after a long day of enjoying the lovely beach and the sunny hot weather of Miami. We started preparing the house on the night of the Seder (a Jewish high holiday) when uncle Cluade touched his face and felt some strange feeling on one of his facial beauty spots. 

Three weeks later, the phone rang. Our family physician Dr. Green called and asked to come to his clinic in Hollywood, Florida, as soon as possible. We went to his clinic. He was holding the medical results from the biopsy that uncle Claude had done two days after our Seder night. On his face were bad news, and the scariest word got out from his mouth: “I am sorry to tell you, but Mr. Levy, you have cancer.”

We knew our life won’t be the same from this moment. Claude wasn’t allowed to get exposure to the sun anymore, even though his favorite place was the beach. “You need to protect your body in any way you can.” the doctor said.

Since that moment, our mission was to find the right clothing style for Claude. 

Disappointed from what the market had to offer, we came out with the idea to create a new brand that can be both stylish and skin protective. 

And with that, Belena Wear was born. 

We named our brand after the Celtic God Belenus, who was worshipped as a “Sun God” by the Celts across Continental Europe, Britain and Ireland in Celtic Mythology.

Our motto was to empower women through our venture, and hence, we started off by naming our brand “Belena”, which is simply an endeavour to give the sun god’s name a female version.

What We’re All About 

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: we wanted a premium quality clothing brand that’s both stylish and provides maximum sun safety.

When it comes to sun protective clothing, you don’t usually find a lot of options in the market, and those you find may leave your wallets empty. That’s why we wanted to provide women’s UPF clothing in a variety of styles and patterns that should make you feel happy and good-looking with money still in your pocket!

And so, Belena Wear is a on-stop-shop for women’s UPF 50+ sun protective clothing that are stylish, comfortable and convenient at their best. 

Our brand is all about empowering women to be active, enjoy an exciting outdoor lifestyle and live life to the fullest - without worrying about sun damage or skin cancer.

Our products are UPF 50+ tested and approved by Melanoma International Foundation. 

Belena Wear keeps you sun safe all day so that you can be unstoppable - you can go out into the world and unleash the power of your body and enjoy everything nature has to offer. And what’s even better is, you can do all of this while looking and feeling beautiful!